Rundown: Michael Whalen (Guitar/Vocals)

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Michael Whalen has brought his style of blues to the Denver scene since the late ’90s.  Michael contributes original music, belts covers from the bottom of his soul, and wails away on both acoustic and electric during duo and full band sets.  As an integral member of the Blues Band’s first album and dozens of live shows, Michael’s tone is a can’t miss when it comes to the sound of NVBB!

Michael often plays an Ibanez semi-hollow electric guitar through either a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe or a Blues Junior – Texas Red Edition.  With screaming tube tones, Michael dives into the gear that the roots of the Blues were played through!  Ranging from clean Strat-rhythms to screaming humbucker tones he hits ’em all.

You can often find Michael playing around Denver in local bands such as:

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